Altamira Language Learning is a resource for language teachers, a team of teacher trainers, and a network of expertise on language teaching and learning. Our team of Comprehensible Input-based teachers/trainers provides dynamic, hands-on, customized teacher training to language teachers in the Philadelphia Tri-State area. We are classroom teachers of French, Spanish, ESL, and Mandarin with extensive training and experience in TPRS and teaching with comprehensible input as well as in training and coaching other teachers. So we are both language teachers and language teacher trainers.


There are a number of inspiring national and international conferences that are like educational summer camp for CI teachers. These action-packed events provide 4-6 days of intensive meeting, learning, and sharing with other CI practitioners, while seeing and hearing some of the top researchers, trainers, and presenters in the field. Many of these skilled presenters also travel the country and the world doing workshops for schools, districts, and national, state, or regional gatherings. All of these are wonderful ways to be introduced to TPRS and TCI, learning from the very best, and to continue to learn by being exposed to new people and new ideas in the field.

However… once these conferences and workshops are done, either you go home or the presenters go home, and you’re on your own to make it all work in your classroom.

We Pick Up Where They Leave Off

That’s where organizations like Altamira Language Learning are needed. Altamira’s Philadelphia-area-based training team provides customized, ongoing, local teaching and training. Our Extended-Release TCI Training is effective because it is delivered at a location near you, to a cohort of colleagues, giving ample time between class meetings to process and practice, and with ongoing follow-up, support, and feedback. Our stand-alone workshops are delivered by local teachers to local teachers, and introduce participants not only to new teaching strategies, but also to a network of peers at various stages of the CI journey, available through the TriState TCI peer learning community in the Philadelphia area.

Our team also provides individualized coaching at a school or teacher’s request, or as part of a workshop, or during the intervals between class days as part of Extended-Release TCI Training.


Our Team